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  • We started out by making what WE wanted to drink... Now we want to share it with YOU!

    At Fix we went looking for a good cup of coffee. We discovered cold brewed coffee, and we drank it everywhere we could find it. The problem was we had trouble finding anyone who could give us a bold, tasty brew, and do it consistently. So we started making our own. First by the gallon... then by the bucket... then by the barrel.

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  • Great in the morning and all day long...

    We have spent several years trying different recipes and methods. Different roasts and ratios, time and temperature, even containers, strainers, and filtration. Test after test we tweaked and learned. Eventually we landed on a coffee that is bright, bold, and drinkable any time. Drink it all day, every day.

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  • Small Batches, Local Partnerships

    We want as many of our partners close by. We have teamed up with a local roaster so we could get our beans as quickly as possible. Our roaster is local Rainforest Aliance, Fair Trade, and USDA Organic Certified. It is funny how simple it is to make cold press coffee, and yet so difficult to make it right each and every time.

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We created a coffee that is perfectly balanced. You can add cream and sugar if you want to, but try it straight. It is incredibly smooth and our process brings out a subtle sweetness.


We wanted to make sure people were paying as much attention to what was going into our ingredients as we were with our process.

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Fair Trade

We want to make sure that our suppliers are compensated so they will be with us in decades to come. We only use Fair Trade Certified ingredients.

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FIX Cold Press was born in the Twin Cities, and with your help we will take it across the nation...

FIX Cold Press all started on a trip to Portland where we found delicious bottles of coldbrew everywhere we went. When we came back to the Twin Cities we found several coffee shops that had a good product, but it was not always available when and where we wanted it.

We had already been playing around with different recipes and ingredients for a couple years, but we kicked it into high gear and developed a consistent process and then we figured out how to scale it.

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We really love this coffee, and hope you do as well...

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